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Peer Recovery Specialist

Treatment to Bridge the Gap to Recovery for Drugs and alcoholWe provide individual support and care coordination to participants. This one-on-one relationship has proven to be a best practice, bringing about recovery engagement and goal achievement at a much quicker rate than ever before. PRS’s have lived experience with recovery. They understand and know early recovery, offering support, encouragement, and connections that assist the individuals in building community support prior to treatment completion.

A Certified Peer Recovery Specialist has lived the experience of someone with substance abuse and uses a peer-to-peer approach to help individuals discover strengths to achieve their own unique recovery goals. The Peer Recovery Specialist models recovery wellness, personal responsibility, self-advocacy, and hopefulness through appropriate sharing of personal experience as well as offering knowledge in recovery community resources.
Certified Peer Recovery Specialist can assist with:
  • Identifying personal strengths
  • Overcoming barriers
  • Connecting to resources
  • Transition with sober living