Proven Results with a Proven Team  


Group Session for Addiction | Drugs | Liquor | Abuse at Care CrossingsYou may think intervention is an event with the goal to get the addicted person help. Care Crossings approaches intervention as a process rather than a single event. 

Care Crossings offers intervention education, support and individual counseling to those who are living with the worries of a loved one addicted to alcohol or drugs. Our ongoing "Now what do I do?" class, offers guidance and ongoing support, while going thru the intervention process. We get to know your addicted friend and/or family member thru you. Our licensed addiction counselors provide direction, knowing the right time, the right approach, and the right treatment for your family and/or friends.

Do you have a loved one, coworker, or friend who is suffering from the effects of alcohol and/or drug use? Don’t know what to do or not do?

Care Crossings Substance Use Professionals offer “how do we help.”
Individual and group education guidance. Our intervention professional team will provide individualized education and ongoing strategies that lead to getting them the help they need.

What does it take for
someone addicted to
alcohol or drugs to make
the decision and commitment to change?

Our answer --
the right time with
the right people
ready to help.