Proven Results with a Proven Team  

About Care Crossing

Care Crossings provides Substance Abuse/Addiction Counseling and Treatment Services in an outpatient setting to males and females 18 years and older who are experiencing problems with substance abuse and dependency. Care Crossings staff are experienced in understanding and delivering services to many cultural and gender identifying individuals, as well as those with mental health concerns.

Our innovative collaborations, bring together a comprehensive delivery system. Those who participate, build knowledge, skill and resources to achieve their individual goals.

Care Crossings is a program of ADAP Consulting, established in 2019, by Cathy Harvieux after having worked in Substance Abuse for well over 40 years. Cathy has had a significant direct impact on substance abuse service delivery here in MN. She has provided direct services to individuals since 1982. A past board member and Vice President of MARRCH. She has designed over 15 treatment programs in MN. Her experience is incomparable, to any other MN Substance Abuse Professional. She has held positions in every aspect of Substance Abuse Service delivery. She holds a LADC in MN.

After 37 years, Cathy has opened her own Substance Abuse Agency. 
“CARE CROSSINGS”, provides Prevention, Intervention, Assessments, Treatment, Peer Recovery Support, as well as both short- and long-term continuing care services.

Cathy believes that a different approach is needed in order to make a difference in substance abuse service outcomes. Having designed and implemented outcome tools, Cathy measures the success of Care Crossings services and delivers the identified change indicators.

The treatment’s focus is Substance Abuse with a primary focus on the client, building and repairing of the client's family and/or recovery support. Care Crossings treatment has a secondary focus of employment. We are a “Treatment to Work” program. Cathy’s experience has shown her that when individuals feel like they are a productive member of society, taking responsibility for family and children, the individual’s engagement with recovery increases dramatically.
Our service hours are daily/weekdays and weekends, allowing flexible treatment attendance, based upon the individual clients need and work schedule. Our Peer Recovery Support Specialists offer support in community recovery integration.

The counseling staff and community partners are well experienced and held to a standard that assist with achieving the mission of Care Crossings. Our counseling staff all have at least 20 years' experience as a Substance Use Professional. "Our experience is your guarantee"